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Our product is the result of over 100 years of experience by the primary development contributors.
Our goal is to revolutionize the building and maintaining of the most healthy and strong equine athlete that has ever been produced. We have two CalDensity® formulas that are designed to provide maximum benefits for horses in training or on the farm. 

The CalDensity® formulas can eliminate dramatic amounts of operating costs for our clients. 

Our clients can save up to $10 per day, per horse based on the investments they currently make in feed supplements.

Either CalDensity® Black or White Label, is safe to feed alongside of any complete feed or other supplement. Financial savings and the health of your horse get to increase simultaneaously. 

The removal of vitamins, minerals and amino acids from the compounded feeds represents significant savings, while the health benefits of  are far reaching as well.

For many clients, we are confident that the reduction or elimination of many veterinary costs, including surgeries, often pays for CalDensity® and a lot more.

The components of our two unique formulas are presented on the “Ingredients” page and can be found in greater depth by emailing us at
Our commitment to proving the efficacy of our product and its specific contents is evidenced by the research. Please visit the "Science" page to review it. 

Our commitment to proving the efficacy of our product does not stand still. Mineral content hair analysis and radiograph bone density data collection is constantly being taken with client horses from around the country.
The ingredients in CalDensity® combine independent proof of efficacy in four different studies from three major universities. Summaries of these can be found on our “Science” page or by emailing us at
Our customer service people will gladly provide you with all requested information and ordering support.
Our commitment to keeping things simple led us to create the “Costs & Dosages” page. The feeding requirements and the ability to create a budget for CalDensity® are clearly presented here.
Our commitment to transparency led us down several paths. First was to adhere to the stringent FDA guidelines required to qualify as a human food consumption “American Institute of Baking (AIB)” facility. 

Second was to volunteer all information required to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Washington, DC in order to receive their certificate of guarantee for foreign customs agencies.
When CalDensity® is shipped overseas from our plant near Lexington, KY, it is accompanied by a USDA certificate guaranteeing the contents. We pay for independent analysis of every CalDensity® batch manufactured and make it available when requested by our clients or regulators. We are not aware of any competitor maintaining these key standards.
It is very important to note that our product is just one part of a complete program required to fundamentally change the bone, hoof, gut, coat, electrolyte supply and mineral balance in your horses.
We must upgrade the training methods that produce such high percentage of 2-year-olds being sidelined with bone injuries and thousands of horses of all ages being euthanized at the tracks throughout the industry. 

We must reconsider the use of drugs like Lasix that drain the body's mineral content required for muscle function, electrolyte maintenance, heart health, brain function, emotional stability  and bone makeup. 

It is very concerning what we do with Lasix on raceday. At human hospitals all over the world, if a person arrives at an emergency room suffering from a calcium overdose, then the doctor will immediately inject Lasix to remove calcium from the body. 

Calcium makes up 70% of bone mineral content and is the largest electrolyte in the body. It is required for any electrical stimulus to take place in the body and it is fundamental to synapse activity in the brain. The five key minerals in CalDensity® combine to influence virtually every function in the body including mental and emotional stability.

It is our company's desire to influence the industry to institute a systematic lifelong bone density radiographing program and mineral content hair analysis testing program for every horse on the track or at the farm. This may be the most cost-effective and comprehensive way to determine the ongoing levels of all healthy and toxic minerals in the body of every horse.