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I raise Quarter Horse and a few Thoroughbred race horses. I have a very small operation and I sell most of the yearlings and race the Thoroughbreds and a few of the Quarter Horse fillies. I have been using CalDensity products for 11 years after them being recommended to me by Dr. Tommy Hays for a knee chip post surgical horse. I think they have done a fantastic job keeping my race horses with virtually no chip surgeries or shin problems in their race careers.

I feed the White Label to all of my in foal mares and I feed the Black Label to all of my foals post weaning until they go to the fitters to get ready for the yearling sales. The powders are extremely palatable and I have never had a problem with any horse not eating them.

The company is very innovative and forward thinking and are always having new products to help with the health and wellbeing of the horses. I have used the Barrier product prior to shipping for a few weeks on all of my horses to help keep them from picking up the “crud” from trailers or stalls.

I am a firm believer in the products and send them to the race trainers to continue feeding while they are in training and racing at the race tracks. They are truly great products and the customer service is unmatched!!!

Debbie Strebig


duncanCalDensity was recommended to me by a veterinarian after one of our race horses had surgery to remove bones chips in the knees. This product really helped aid our race horse recover quickly. I was so impressed that I started feeding CalDensity to all my performing barrel horses.

At the time I was giving all my performance horses on another big name supplement. But I was having quite a bit of trouble getting my horses to eat these supplements. Most of my horses would leave a little bit of the supplement in the bottom of the bucket. My Dash Ta Fame gelding's an incredibly picky eater. He would always eat completely around the supplement and leave the all of it in the bottom of the bucket. This was so frustrating, because these supplements were very expensive and a lot of product was wasted. When I switched to feeding CalDensity, my Dash Ta Fame gelding ate every last bit of this product along with the rest of my horses.

I have been feeding CalDensity for over a year. Many barrel horses suffer from chronic joint pain, specifically in the hocks. At the time that I started feeding CalDensity, the majority horses I was training and competing on needed regular hock injections. This included a19 year old appendix gelding and a 6 year old DTF gelding who has OCD in his hocks. After feeding CalDensity, my vet (Dr. Randy Lewis DVM) and I began to see an improvement in my horses. Now both my 19 year old appendix gelding and DTF gelding no longer needs hock injections!

Now many people hear the word calcium and think of bones. But what many people don’t know it that calcium is essential for healthy muscle function. Calcium is one of the essential fuels for muscles to fire. I have found that after I started feeding CalDensity, all of my horses were running and firing hard without becoming hotter or crazy. I have fed other supplements in the past that have helped my horses run faster, but also made my horses very difficult to train because they were so hot. Our 19 year old gelding has been with us for 6 years. As he aged he began to slow down, but after we started feeding CalDensity he began to win again!

Calcium isn’t the only good thing in CalDensity. Ligament and tendon health is a big concern in high performance barrel horses. I am currently training a four year old stallion that recently suffered a suspensory ligament strain. Now this is one of the worst things that a barrel racer could hear. This news usually means months of recovery.I have had this exact injury occur in one other barrel horse with the same severity (I did not put him on CalDensity) and it took him 4 months to recover 90%. We put my stud on CalDensity, and after only one week of rest, there was a marked improvement. He reentered barrel training and the injury continued to improve. Now after one month since diagnoses, my stud is 90% recovered even with continuing to train and compete.

Courtney Duncan

  • Current World Record Holder on a standard barrel racing pattern with a time of 16.568
  • Multiple APHA World Championships
  • 2015 The American Rodeo Qualifier
  • NIRA Rodeo Winner
  • NBHA Winner
  • WTBRA Winner
  • Futurity and Derby Money Earner
  • LTE: $50,000+ (US & Brazil)


Good morning, as promised I am more than happy to relay the results concerning the Stallion Royal Shake Em 's fertility issues . ROYAL Shake Em is a 21 year old stallion that had Royal developed fertility issues in 2013 and continued into 2014. During our conversation in reference to using your product for racing and sale prepping along with rehab therapy for joint surgery, I had mentioned to you about my super star stallion s fertility issues, it was at this time you recommended the stallion version of Caldensity.

I received the first 2 lb. container in November, the next day I collected Royal Shake Em with a total gel free volume of 35 ml, sperm count was 4.1 billion with Forward progressive motility at less than 20 percent. We started Royal Shake Em on your product that day, and recollected him four weeks later at this time his gel free volume was still at 35 ml his sperm count was at 7billion his forward progression motility was now at 80 percent. We continued this supplement through the breeding season, it is now June and his count is stable but, his mobility is in the ninety percent range, we have experienced very little loss of motility at 24 to 36 hours when stored using cool semen protocol in closing I would recommend this wonderful product to anyone in the industry that realize a healthy horse will produce and give you an edge. Thanks again for the opportunity to work with a caring and knowledgeable company, and I look forward to the ulcer product we spoke of recently

Ronnie Stewart

Owner Double S Farm, stallion farm
Double S Equine sales agent
Race Horse trainer
Equine Dentist
June 4, 2015

I have a retired stakes winner of more than $650,000 that is in his second career of barrel racing. During his racing career he had several chips removed from multiple joints and, as expected, has caused him some arthritis and to carry fluid in his knee. After being on Caldensity Black Label I could see a difference in the amount of fluid he carries in his knee, the flexibility in which he traveled but more than anything his attitude and overall expression has returned. He feels so good that he is acting younger and has returned to being his rambunctious self.

I also put my husband’s newly purchased 14 year old rope horse that was bound to have some aches and pains, as well as needed to bulk his muscle tone up. This horse also starting moving out much better and his muscle tone has increased significantly...I should have taken before and after photos.

Last week we put a three year old that has been in race training on this following a recent chip removal and I am anxious to see the results we see.
Very impressed, wish we would have used this years ago!

Dena Milner
Barrel Racer
March 2015

In a continued effort to ensure our foals have the best start possible we implemented a new program for the 2015 foaling season. Feeding all of our broodmares CalDensity White Label® for 120 days (90 days prior to foaling and 30 days after). All foals were born healthy with no complications. The mares and foals look and feel great! This year’s yearlings were fed Caldensity Black Label® as weanlings. Visit EC Quarter Horses  to get the edge for your next winning purchase to view a large selection of sale foals and yearlings out of Grade 1 winning mares and some of Quarter Horse Racing's top sires!

Amanda Glidden
EC Quarter Horses

I have been using CalDensity extensively for over five years now. In that time I have seen superior results using this product in conjunction with my medical and surgical treatments. CalDensity is the primary product I recommend to our surgical patents to insure a rapid return to training and racing as well as it's continued use to maintain soundness post surgically.

Tommy Hays DVM

Austin, Texas



After using Cal Density on our yearling crop last year, our repository x-rays showed no sign of sesamoiditis. As well, we had no splints in the entire crop. This year we started the foals on the product as soon as they were weaned.

In March of their yearling year, we took x-rays (in order to have any chips removed and to see if we had any OCD issues to work on) prior to the fall sales. From 19 yearlings, we had 2 small P1 chips to come out, no OCD lesions at all!
We are very happy with the results from using Cal Density.

Arika Everatt-Meeuse
Shannondoe Farm, Ontario Canada
Colton Springs, Paris Kentucky